Where is PreFox for my Touchpad?

It’s been over a year since I last posted about PreFox and while there was some initial interest it seems that mostly people pretty much forgot about it. Now of course webOS 3 and the Touchpad is the new hotness and so interest in the project has grown to the point that I’m getting a few emails a week asking for status updates.

I think I probably wasn’t clear enough in the last post just what the status of the project is. Right now it is basically dead. I have no time to work on it, nor do I really have the skills necessary to move it forwards. I don’t even use my old Palm Pre anymore, nor do I own one of the new phones or tablets that actually runs a modern webOS so even if I had the inclination to work on it I wouldn’t have the hardware to be able to do so. And of course as things stand right now it looks likely that webOS is dying and it doesn’t seem to me like a useful experiment anymore.

Anyone is welcome to take the initial code I wrote and try to get the project started again, that is the beauty of open source. I would love to hear from you if you do and will happily direct anyone asking to you.

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